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Kay, my name is Michelle. I'll be 16 next March. I've lived in New Jersey my whole life, but once college is over I plan on moving to New Zealand. I don't like America very much. My paretns are divorced and it's a really screwed up situation. My mom cheated on my dad with his brother so she ended up remarried to my uncle. Together they had my half sister Kaitlyn who's almost five. My dad remarried some evil woman who had two boys already. Recently they had my half brother and half sister. I hate my stepmom and she hates me =). Yay. I don't have a horribly interesting like. I'm pretty geeky with the stuff I like. I spend almost all my time either on the computer or in my room listening to music. I get my kicks from RPing, and reading slash fiction. I'm also pretty good with making icons, FOs, banners, layouts, etc. Not that good though. So basically I prefer my online life to my real life my far. That's all I guess. &hearts

Name: Michelle
Age: 15
Location: Some basement in Jersey =)
Single/Taken: Taken :-P
Likes: ipod, Live Journal, Harry Potter, being an emo wannabe, deviantArt, IM-ing, DDR, Lord of the Rings, slash, Buffy, Italian food, RPing, Star Wars, America's Next Top Model
Dislikes: net speak, teenies, homophobia, veal, labels, my stepmom, know-it-alls, Angelina Jolie fetishes, geometry, blaming everyting wrong in the world on Bush
Music: My Chemical Romance, Dresden Dolls, Green Day, TBS, Prince, Bright Eyes, HIM, Deathcab for Cutie, Iron Maiden, The Used, Manson


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1. Book - Star Wars: The Last Jedi #2
2. Band - Alkaline Trio
3. Album - Read Music - Speak Spanish
4. Movie - Twister
5. Song - "This Could Be Love"

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[06 Dec 2005|08:25pm]
I thought I posted this forever ago but I have moved to emokid__wannabe Please add me kthnx

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[27 Jul 2005|11:53am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Look at what boredom leads to...Collapse )

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*sigh* *sigh* *sigh* [19 Jul 2005|01:36pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Wow. I've been quite busy lately.

Firstly I joined the comm dark_manor so I've been doing a lot of stuff for my journal for that (adamlazzara___ look how pretty!).

Then I went to a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release party on Friday night with Heather, Steven, Lexa, and Jessy. It was actually a lot of fun. I wish I could have gotten the book that night (*kicks mother*) instead of having to wait until Sunday morning *grr*. But it was still a lot of fun. Heather ran off to be with her geeks pretty fast so Steven and I sat by the magazines and listened to my iPod for a while. It was fun because we got to beg Heather for some money so we could buy dinner for us. Sushi = way too expensive. So we went to the pizza place and listened to the guys there bad mouth the HP geeks which was very amusing.

When we got back I was able to talk to this really cool girl Caren (or Karen I don't remember >_>;; Sorry) who is into slash *cheer*. She showed me some really good slash mangas that I'm so buying. Gravitation and Fake I believe they were called. The ones in the plastic looked tasty. Hah then Steven befriends this 22 year old woman and a 35 year old woman who talk to us until midnight. Alexa and I had to go home book-less. Poor us.

The next day I went to my dad's and went to some cheap party for my half brother and half sister. The reason it was cheap was a) they combined Matthew and Madison's birthday's together despite the 25-ish day difference between the birthdays. b) they only had one, very boy-ish, cake c) they had it at the church with no food. d) they went to iicky Ihop afterwards. Ew. But my uncle was there so I stayed sane by talking to him and listening to my sexy iPod. My uncle actually likes The Dresden Dolls *gasp*, which makes me immensly happy. I'm burning that CD for him and he's burning a Pink Floyd CD for me. I give him new CDs he gives me the old ones. Yea! He also said he'd be happy to take me to any concerts I might want to go too as long as he likes the music. I know that he's just trying to get points with me after being an ass all through my childhood but I'm not complaining. This solves my problem of my dad being too cheap to take me to shows, my mom hating all music I like, and my stepdad working too much to stay out any later than 10:30. I'm gonna try for maybe something Used/Glassjaw.

The only other good thing that came from the party was the lovely emo waiter that served us at Ihop. Ironically we were the first table he's ever served. I felt very bad for him because going out with my stepmom and any member of her family causes lots of problems. So Caren rushed the poor kid (because she had to go to her stupid pet sitting job. *grr*), her aunt was the pickiest thing in the world and wasted so much time instructing him how much to cook her bacon and how she wanted her tea *stab*, and of course Jared, Matthew, and Madison made lots of messes. Poor tasty emo boy *lick* < sorry Andrea ^_^ >.

But the most interesting thing was what happened that night. My dad and my a-house-should-fall-on-you-evil stepmom got into a fight. XD!!! It may seem kind of sick that I love having them fight so much but you don't know my stepmom. God I hate that woman so much. The fight was purely her fault by the way. It seriously was, my venomous hatred for her being pushed aside. My step brother Jared fell off his little kid's skatebored and got really scrapped up, see. There was a cut behind his ear that was bleeding a lot. So when he came in crying, my stepgrandma took care of him while my dad put Madison to bed. When he came down he cleaned Jared up and he was fine. He started playing cards with my stepaunt and stepgrandma. All was well. So dad and I started to watch Ray together, a movie he's been dying to watch since it came out in theaters. My dad had a man crush on Ray Charles shhh. We didn't get three minutes into the movie when Caren and Justin come home. Caren doesn't like her mom and aunt very much so when she say they where still at her house playing cards with Jared she started yelling. The yelling pissed off my dad because we couldn't here the movie at all and also because it could wake up the two sleeping babies in the house. The yelling also upset Jared (who is way too sensitive for an 8 year old by the way) and he starts crying and whining about his ear. So Caren, being the genius that she is, assumes that Jared has been crying in pain the entire time she's been gone and my father has been ignoring him to watch a movie with his "fucking daughter". She goes in and starts yelling at my dad and Justin is dumb so he gets smart with my dad and gets in trouble. And Caren insults me for no reason and is screaming and cursing at my dad. But my dad grew some balls about time and yells back at her and tells her to shut up so he can explain. Caren having the self control of a saint, throws a remote at my dad which ends up hitting me in the shoulder. And to be honest it did hurt quite a lot. So they get into a big fight and my dad throws a remote at the wall. Blah blah blah "always spending time with your stupid daughter, Chris" "stop bringing her into this" blah blah blah "don't get involved Justin" "well he's my brother too" *scream curse scream* Justin tells his grandma to shut up and gets smacked and sent to his room. Caren slams some doors. Jared cries his eyes out. And I spend the rest of the night watching Law and Order: SVU in my basement. Yay!

*sigh* Next day they didn't talk about the fight again. I got my Harry Potter book when I went to my house before church, which we ran late for and ended up missing. Double yay! I read my book the entire time I was there, and then read it in the car on the way back to my dad's, read it all through lunch and after and then in the car ride to Quick Check to bring snacks to the movie theater, then in the car to the movie theater. Sadly I had to bid my book adieu when we got there due to the rain. Justin snuck our snacks in and we got our tickets for...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, triple yay!!! When we got inside a funny thing happened. The reason I was going with Mr. ADD himself was becase all my friends were busy. Efe in London, Viki in Bulgaria, Amira in Egypt, Kristine unreachable, Alexa busy or so I thought, and Heather seeing the movie with her boyfriend earlier that day. But when we got there I saw Heather and her iicky boyfriend there with Alexa. Turns out Alexa was a last minute addition which meant it was safe to be around Heather and Eric because Heather would ignore Eric if there was another human being around. So I got to sit with them during the movie which made it soooooo much more fun. Alexa is just a ball of fun I swear to God. She could make.....killing puppies and kittens fun. I love that girl. So the three of us had a great time ignoring iicky Eric and gabbing about Harry Potter, the genius of Tim Burton, and how awesome Johhny D. is when he plays almost-a-girl characters. The movie kicked all kinds off ass by the way. I've gotten to see lots of good movies lately. Batman Begins....War of the Worlds...saw Million Dollar Baby on DVD *bawls*....and now I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Quadruple yay! I mean there were some parts where Gene Wilder's version was slightly better but having flaming puppets and having a flaming hilarious Willy Wonka made up for it. I want to buy the soundtrack for that movie and see it again sometime soon.

After the movie Justin ditched me *watch me feign sadness* and Lexa, Heather, and me ditched Eric *hah!!*. We hung out in the bathroom and talked about what we knew about Harry Potter so far. Alexa had finished it already (lucky), I was only up to Slughorn's first lesson, and Heather was very surprisngly not done. She was only a chapter or two ahead of me. I don't know if she's done now yet or not, but I have to find out. It's very out of character for her not to be reading the damn thing for the fifth time by now. But she has been really busy with her stupid camp stuff so...

So for the rest of Sunday afternoon and night I devoted all my time to reading the rest of that book. My mom made me watch Sureal Life with her so that wasted some time but I read during the commercials. I was halfway finished by the time I went to bed. The next day I ignored my sister completely and had the book finished by five to 12. ;___; I'm not going to give any spoilers but I cried so very much. If anyone reading this has read the book please shoot me an IM, I need to know people's thoughts because I'm very very confused and very unsatisfied with the ending. I don't like when I don't know for sure why certain things happened.

With the book finished I could finally go on the computer yesterday. Yay Andrea!! So bare with me for right now. I'm about four days behind on all my lj stuff and only just finished clearing out my deviantArt updates. I still have to update my RP journal, email some friends ASAP, fix some shit on my iPod, and clear out my picture and favorites folders.

>__< But right now good people, I'm taking a shower.


RIP "_____________"

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;______; [08 Jul 2005|12:54pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm totally not supposed to be on the computer right now. I'm banned until Monday. Just wanted to let people know.

Britt I saw your journal post when I checked my friend's page really quick. I wish I could help, if my mom goes out this afternoon I'll try and talk to you then. I miss you Andrea. Got to go before my sister comes downstairs

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Answers for the Caps [03 Jul 2005|05:46pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

AnswersCollapse )

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Colorbar XD [01 Jul 2005|11:00am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Cillian Murphy is Irish Love.


Fucking awesome!!!!! I love this guy. When he first walked in in Batman Begins I was like @________________@. I was uber-pissed when I realized he was Scarecrow because then that would mean he'd get his ass kicked *sniff*. Oh well he's still awesome. mistress_britt you kick ass kinds of ass now &hearts &hearts &hearts
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Quizes from lipglos2myveins's journal [28 Jun 2005|04:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Click for quizzesCollapse )

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From mistress_britt's journal [27 Jun 2005|05:42pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Name ten celebrities that you find attractive then tag five of your friends.

(in no particular order)
01- Natalie Portmon
02- Ewan McGregor
03- Kahlen Rondot
04- Emma Caulfield
05- Hayden Christensen
06- Billie Joe Armstrong
07- Kelly Clarkson
08- Michelle Pfieffer
09- Frank Iero
10- Ville Valo

Passing the torch to five of mah buddies:
lipglos2myveins ltsk godieinahole3 accentsarehot xxdiscarnatexx

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Game [26 Jun 2005|06:46pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Stolen from motoredxheart who stole it from crystalkirk

I have posted caps from 5 seperate movies that mean a lot to me. I'm going to have the comments for this screened. You have to guess what the movies are. You don't have to do all five, just which ever ones you can. If anybody gets all of them...I'll give you cookies or make you a simple colorbar or dollie or something.

My capsCollapse )

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It's nice to be like those girls in the movies [26 Jun 2005|06:33pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Wow today was surprisingly fun. One of my best friends Viktoria is going back to Bulgaria for the summer, and she's leaving on Tuesday. So my friend Efe and I decided to take her out to the mall today as a way of saying goodbye and we'll miss you and all that. It was a spur of the moment this so I got my mom really pissed...But I don't care. We got to be like those lame chicks you always see in the movies. You know how they go to the photo booths and try stupid shit on in the store? We did stuff like that. We went to Claire's and tried on tiara's and took our pictures. Then I dragged 'em to Hot Topic (which they both hated) and made Viki wear a green stripped tie and Efe an awesome looking long glove. I had a long gloove thing on too which I so would have bought if I had enough money (;__;). We took our pictures like that too. Then held up our favorite shirts that and took our picture. Then I put on some emo glasses and they put on crazy sunglasses and took our picture that way. I felt bad because I think I was pissing off the people who worked there. I only have five bucks left over from lunch so I got a really cool looking wristband that has the goth-y crosses on it. I have so much shit that has that cross on there so I had to get it. Viki got some fairy postcard too.

After that they dragged me to Macy's to be "girly". We went to the junior section and they said I had to pick out a pink skirt and a pink shirt and try them on. They said we would wear things that were totally out of character. So Efe got a really short blue skirt and a blue halter top. Viki got a knee length orange skirt with a white shirt that showed quite a lot of her chest. And then I had my stupid little pink tee and flowery pink skirt. Then we acted all slutty when we took pictures of ourselves. It was quite fun but the picture of me came out like shit. So even though Efe told me to I will not be putting in anywhere on my lj >_<.

I did see a gorgeous long swirly black skirt that I feel in love with. I had no money to buy it so I wanted to cry. I'll go back and get it sometime next week. It was so pretty. And my sexy black and red knee highs looked kick ass with the skirt. I really wanted to buy that skirt *sniffle*, I don't own a single skirt that I like so that would have been fun to get. Oh well...After that we got some sugar. They got some shit at Cinnabon and I get a yummy vanilla shake at Dairy Queen. We got lost in Sears trying to find the TVs so Viki's dad yelled at us. Well not really but still. Efe and me listened to the Little Mermaid soundtrack like the geeks we are on the way home. With my gorgeous sexy new green iPod mini!!! It really is the cutest sexiest thing. I'm dumping Andrea running off to Vegas with my iPod :-P

So I'm adding more shit to my playlist now. I love my iPod so much *kisses*. I'll be watching another movie with my mom tonight. That's our new thing now. We had a big fight and I said the only time I'm ever happy at my house is when I'm on the computer or alone in my room. So she got really sad and now we're watching a good movie together almost every night. It's not that bad actually. I'll get sick of her eventually ^_^ but it's fun for now. We've only watched Aliens and Speed so far. Air Force One tomorrow and I might convince her to watch Nightmare Before Christmas tonight. I'm in a Tim Burton-y mood due to the millions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailers being shown.

Waiting for Andrea to sign on now.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sexy iPod!!!!

Look what Andrea made me!Collapse )

Stolen quizes and surveysCollapse )
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I don't like parties... [24 Jun 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Blah. Today I went to my friend Sofya's birthday party. She's really sweet and fun to hang out with and stuff but I couldn't stand her party.It wasn't her fault. Teenager parties just suck. Suck really bad.

Allow me to eloborate.

*ahem* One girl by the name of Kaylen is what we like to call slutty. During some Black Eyed Peas song she decided to get out of the pool and dance dirty. A few of her friends joined her but it wasn't nearly as explict was what she was doing. Then later Sofya's neighbor came. Who was male. The only male at the whole party. So 9 of the girls there decided they wanted him. Kaylen was the the worst. They all got in the hot tub and played truth or dare with him. Kaylen was dared to flash everyone her chest. And she did. Three times. And allowed the boy a good look.

Then they dared Elaina to kiss the boy. Her, being normal, said no and only kissed his cheek (she also tried to put her hand over his mouth and kiss him that way but they didn't like that). So Kaylen demonstarted how to kiss the boy all of a sudden. Four times. Then Christina decided to do it too even though she has a boyfriend last I heard. And the boy looks really uncomfortable. It didn't help that he seemed to be keen about a really nice girl at the party named Kayla.

Truth or dare games like that are no fun. Luckily right before it was my turn the cake came. I would have been a baby and picked truth though. I don't wanna be kissing that boy or anything like that.

Poor Sofya got sick after that. I think she might have been too dehydrated, tired, and hot from the jacuzzi. She said her chest felt really hot so she had to go to the doctor right after I left. I left early because I was having a pretty shitty time. I don't really fit in with that type of stuff. It's not my thing.

Hanging out with Viki, Jill, and Tara was fun though. Tara's my buddie. :) But because I didn't go swimming she decided to get me as wet as possible. She thought it was funny to hug me over and over to get me soaked just as I was getting dried off. She also tried to teach me to "pop it" which is some dance move I know nothing about...oo;;. I'm not a swimmer and I'm not a dancer. Nor am I a kissing random people type of gal.

I feel so sorry for the guy at the party though. All these crazy chicks kept being so obnoxious to him. Three girls came up to him and told him to make a gun with his thumb and index finger. And for those who don't know that's the immature thing people due to apparantly tell how big a guy's cock is. When the guy realized this he went upstairs. I didnt' blame him. It was really embarrassing just to be friends with those girls. *sigh*

Bottom line... I &hearts you Sofya, feel better sweetie. Random boy whose name I think is Richard, I pity you and I hope you hook up with Kayla because she's really nice. Not all teenage girls are like that. Tara you're the bestest ever. Viki pushing you in the pool is fun. Jill thank you for being normal. New friend Heather P. you kick all kinds of ass. Kaylen you're a slut, cut it out. Christina grow some tack. Truth or dare games in hot tubs are devil work. Teenage parties suck. The end

I'm off to watch Batman Returns and then go to sleep. For some reason that party exhausted me even though I didn't do much. :\

&hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts
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[23 Jun 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | horny ]

I have the best fucking icon ever now. You should all worship it XD

I love Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman so much you have no idea

I'll stare at it the rest of the night now

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Dos [20 Jun 2005|01:05pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Two quizesCollapse )

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[05 Jun 2005|07:27pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. frank iero score: 23
2. simple plan score: 15
3. bert/gerard score: 15
4. fanfiction score: 14
5. punk score: 14
6. harry potter score: 13
7. icons score: 13
8. brand new score: 13
9. good charlotte score: 12
10. sum 41 score: 12
11. boys kissing score: 12
12. emo score: 12
13. bright eyes score: 11
14. jeph howard score: 11
15. movies score: 11
16. bam margera score: 11
17. gerard/frank score: 11
18. gerard/mikey score: 10
19. benji madden score: 10
20. mest score: 10

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.

coded by ixwin
Find out more

*sigh* Not much new right now. Being uber serious in an RP right now. Not much going on. Have to go two Spanish posters tomorrow. Make a longer post later

Inside joke: I love you my pretty princess! ^_^ xoxo
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Tomorrow's turned up dead.... [31 May 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

*sigh* Today is very stressful....

I still have to do an English paper but I've gotten way too distracted. One of my friends is having a really tough time right now. She recently got her first boyfriend (she's 14) and now some really weird stuff is going on. He's been acting really scary and practically suffocating her. She's worried and I'm worried to. The kid always seemed a bit off to me and he's been really obsessive with her lately. I don't what's going to happen. :(

That alone is really really bothering me. I'm so worried she's going to get hurt. I don't know what else to say besides that

Going to bed depressed.

You are sad because of your grief

Why are you sad? [amazing pictures] For darker people
brought to you by Quizilla

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Jawa jawa [22 May 2005|06:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I saw Star Wars for the third time today with my daddy and my two brothers. Jared fell asleep the stupid kid. Justin, mister ADD, surprisingly enjoyed it. The movie is just as good the third time, no matter what anybody says. After seeing the movie though I've decided on two things. One is that I want to fuck Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portmon so bad. Anakin and Padme are a gorgeous couple. I mean, yeah Han and Leia were far more interesting but God....Anakin and Padme. So yummy. The other thing is that I really really want some Anakin/Obi-Wan shit. Colorbars...icons...fics anything. M'just really in the mood for it.

On a sadder note I'm pissed off at my "bf". I don't even want to call him a boyfriend because he really isn't. I told him that I liked him back in October and we're supposedly going out. Yeah well he lives in a completely different town and our parents hate each other so we can't let any of our family know. So I talk to him about twice every two months if I'm lucky. And I've seen him a total of four times since we "got together". It isnt' a real relationship so I'm not going to consider it one. I can't tell the kid anything either. With him it's all "Alien Vs. Predator this" "Fantastic Four that" I mean I'm a sci-fi geek and all but dude you gotta grow up. I'm starting to forget why I liked him. I hope to God he doesn't find out my lj and read this. I'm taking the baby way out and ranting in my journal that nobody reads instead of talking to him about it. I can talk about all the girls I like in here and not get him freaked out and uncomfortable.

Anyway..what was I saying about him? Oh I'm mad at him because I was supposed to see Star Wars with him this weekend and he never called me. I heard from my dad who's best friends with his dad that he went out with friends or something. Some girl Stephanie was with him. I don't want to be the lame bitchy girlfriend who gets overly jealous but he's never hung out with many girls before so I don't know why he's starting now. I may have to talk to him about that.

*sigh* Anyway I'm gonna go make some icons and colorbars of my pretty Kahlen. I really really like her. She's too adorable for words. And I still think she should have won. Plus I have to do an essay for a book I didn't read for English. Also I gotta memorize a speech from Romeo and Juliet to present to my class. And this is what I'm going to present:

Come, gentle night; come, loving, black-browed night;
Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.

Wish me luck.

To mistress_britt I love you and I hope you feel better
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Star Wars!!!!!! [20 May 2005|06:34am]
[ mood | sad ]

*spazz attack* Yesterday was so amazing. I got to see the new Star Wars movie yesterday. Something I've been counting down the days for, for the past 3 years!!! It was so incredibly amazing. And heartbreaking. And intense. And romantic. And...over. Now the whole saga is over. *wails* I'm such a huge fucking Star Wars geek you have no idea. And I'm sad it's over. The movie was amazing though, just amazing. Georgie boy redeemed himself from the past two movies.

And something else I discovered while watching it is that Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portmon are the hottest on screen couple I've seen. They didn't get to do much sexy and/or hot stuff in this movie but still just seeing those two together is like @___@. I loves both of them so much and they're both so fucking hot. *sigh* I get to go see the movie again today with the Star Wars club at my high school. Then again on Saturday with my dad and then Sunday with my boyfriend so I'm happy.

Gotta go to school now. My mom'll rip my throat out if I miss the bus cause of the computer again

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Ugh [15 May 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Haven't posted since before I left Disney. Not like anybody cares but I had a really shitty time. After spending a whole week with my aunt and her fiancee I have learned 3 things. One that they are drunk assholes. Two I hate them. Three I can't ever be alone with my almost-uncle again. He offered me beer (I'm fucking underage mind you) and told me I had big tits. And he's marrying my aunt, okay? I hate him. Other than that disgusting trip I've been occupying my time by watching the hilarious cartoon that is Foamy. He's my new icon as you can see *grins*

Also I have a new obsession and love. And that is America's Next Top Model. They were showing all the episodes from this season on VH1 yesterday. That's a fucking good show. Kahlen is just too adorable. She's a gorgeous girl. I'm rooting for her. But I'm happy because my top two favorites made it too the finals. Naima is in the top too, she has a cute little fauhawk (sp?) sometimes that's just fantabolous. I want Kahlen to win really bad though. I was gushing about her every episode. Look at her!

Gorgeous Kahlen and one NaimaCollapse )

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Vacation ^___^ [29 Apr 2005|04:28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey sweethearts. Doing my second ever real post today. No quizes and shit this time. I'll be leaving for Disney World tommorrow morning and will be deprieved of my pretty computer for seven whole days. :( But I'll get over it. I'm meeting Mickey Mouse after all! *spazz*

I'll miss a bazillion updates so I'll have to spend two straight days on lj when I get back to catch up but 'tis okay.

Oh and I have a mini rant to make too. Today I was saying goodbye to one of my best buddies Tiana (she's the cutest thing I swear). And as we were walking to our buses she got really sad that I was leaving (aww I felt so loved) and she was hugging me a lot and saying she'll miss me. So I had my arm around her and I was holding her as we walked and she had her arm around me waist. Then this kid walks over to us and asks that we kiss each other. Neither of us have any idea who this kid is and the way he said it was just so obnoxious. It bothered me for a while. And I think it freaked out Tiana because as far as I know she's completely straight. She's so adorable though so under different circumstances I'd kiss her but not for some random, tactless kid's personal pleasure. That really pissed me off. The asshole.

Well anyone I'm off to Disney!

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Icon quiz [24 Apr 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | sore ]

What Icons are for you? by ladyallie
Favourite Colour
Your Love icon is...
Your Sad Icon is...
Your Happy Icon is...
Your Angry Icon is...
Your Food Icon is...
Your Animal Icon is...
Your Random Icon is...
Your Cartoon Icon is...
Your Sexy Icon is...
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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